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Acting with Power

Acting with Power

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Most of us tend to think that there are two kinds of people in world: those who have power, and those who don't. But in reality, says Stanford Business School professor Deborah Gruenfeld, we all have more power than we think. And success is not about how much power we have, but rather how we use it. In Acting with Power, readers will learn:

- how to read the power dynamics of room and understand where we fit in
- techniques for getting "into character" when thrust into a role that feels unnatural
- why some people fear power, while others abuse theirs
- strategies for overcoming "performance anxiety" around stepping into a bigger role
- why power doesn't necessarily corrupt; it's only when power meets insecurity that people and power get abused
- how to use power as leaders to inspire great performances in others

Some of us constantly crave a bigger role, while some of us feel like imposters in our current ones. Acting with Power shows us how to give a more powerful performance in any role, and on any stage.