Amazonite Pendant

Amazonite Pendant

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Amazonite like water of deep and ancient, Amazonite beckons in captivating shads of turquoise-green, promising to soothe the spirit and calm the soul.  It energies is as powerful as the river for which it is named, and as bold as legendary women warriors with whom it is connected, yet it tempers aggression, tames the irrational, and stills the disquiet. It provides harmony and balance has a powerful filtering action.  

At a physical level, it blocks empathic stress, absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations, and protects against electromagnetic pollution. It should be places between you and the source of pollution or taped to a cell phone. At a mental level, it filters the information passing through the brain and combines it with intuition. This is an extremely soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system and aligns the physical body with the etheric, maintaining system optimum health. It is a stone that helps you to see both side of a problem or different points of view. At an emotional level, Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear.  It is a stone of courage and truth. Spiritually, an elixir of Amazonite is extremely beneficial to all levels of consciousness. The stone itself assists in manifesting universal love. 

Amazonite heals and opens both the heart and throat chakras to enhance loving communication. It also opens the third eye and intuition. It balances one’s masculine /feminine energies as well as many aspects of the personality. The stone dissipates negative energy and blockages within the nervous system. It is beneficial in osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency, and calcium deposits, balancing the metabolic problems. Amazonite also relieves muscle spasms. 

Amazonite may also be used to prevent hair loss, and in repairing brittle hair and nails a major property is the protection it affords from the health hazards of microwaves and other sources of electromagnetic smog.