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Healing, Protection, Banishing, Luck, Divination, Psychic Connection, Prosperity, Love, Luna Magick

Scientific name: Cinnamomum camphora 

Element: Water

Planet: Moon


Gender: Feminine

Wrap Camphor in red cloth with a silver coin and carry it in your pocket to increase your success.

Burn on charcoal with Rosemary to drive out bad energy and illness.

Place a camphor square in each corner of a room to protect it from negative energies and evil.

Carry camphor to deter unwanted suitors.

Sniff to lesson sexual desire.

Hang camphor around the neck to ward off colds and flu.

The scent of burning camphor purifies the space and brings self-discipline, aiding in controlling and transforming bad habits.

Long used in the eastern hemisphere for temple purification and protection, camphor is excellent for deep meditation and gaining insights.

Camphor can clear away negative thoughts and soothes the soul. A little goes a long way, so if you burn it on charcoal, use only a small pinch.

Camphor is also used to strengthen awareness and in maintaining concentration.

Often added to morning meditation incense.

Do not use if you have asthma or epilepsy as it will make your symptoms worse.


These herbs are for incense & magical use only.        

Not to be taken Internally, For External use only.     

Sold as curios only.

Always use caution when burning magical powders, herbs, roots and barks, as they can burn your skin and cause fires.
Burn magical powders, herbs, roots and barks in a ventilated area.
Never leave magical powders, herbs, roots and barks burning unattended if you are going to sleep or have to go out.
If you are pregnant,nursing or have small children please see your doctor before burning magical powders, herbs, roots and barks as some can by toxic to children.


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