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Quartz Rainbow Aura  - Cluster
Quartz Rainbow Aura  - Cluster

Quartz Rainbow Aura - Cluster

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Angel Aura Quartz - Cluster 137g

Rainbow Aura Quartz  is a perfect crystal for use when meditation, especially for those who struggle to quieten the mind. It is excellent for use in Out of Body Experiences, and astral travel.  It is known to activate all of our bodies energy centres, clearing the way for life force to manifest, bringing a vibrant energy and zest for life.  Supportive for people in dysfunctional relationships, as it assists people to see clearly and let go of negative emotions, resentment, or grief.  Rainbow Aura Quartz can bring deep insights into relationships on all levels, and assists in letting go of karmic ties which may be linked from a past life.
Rainbow Aura is a master healer, and can help bring the body into balance. It is thought to offer pain relief, and helps depression, S.A.D, M.S, and H.I.V