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Goddess Aura Soap 100g

Goddess Aura Soap 100g

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Cleanse your physical and metaphysical body with our Goddess Aura Soap

Revive the goddess in you with these Goats Milk Soaps ! Scented with rose geranium essential oils, these Soaps are perfect for nuturing and bringing you back into your feminine self. 
Hand made with love, reiki, rose quartz, and moonstone vibration.

Rose Geranium is ideal for use treating acne, anxiety, fatigue, and promotes emotional wellness. Strengthens qi flow, calms the mind, and the body. Prevents skin problems, such as sagging and wrinkling; and assists in muscle toning.

Pink clay is great for leaving your skin feeling soft and silky, helps with slowing down the skin aging process and offers skin rejuvenation. Removes redness and irritation of skin.

Goats Milk is know to reduce skin inflammation, and soothes dry and damaged skin. Can reduce wrinkles and delay signs of aging.