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Chrysocolla & Malachite - Free Form
Chrysocolla & Malachite - Free Form
Chrysocolla & Malachite - Free Form

Chrysocolla & Malachite - Free Form

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Chrysocolla & Malachite - Free Form 551g

Chakra: Heart/Throat

Element: Earth/Water

Zodiac: Capricorn/Gemini/Scorpio/Taurus/Virgo

Metaphysical properties:

Releases negativity


Assist in making change

Spiritually Chrysocolla & Malachite helps you connect with the delvic realm, nature spirits and the elementals, this beautiful combination surrounds you in a beautiful forest energy when you feel the need to be in nature but can not get there.  

A great combination to help you to develop your spiritual path, it help you receive  spiritual messages more easily. Chrysocolla & Malachite absorbs negativity and fear from your auric field, clears any blockages in the heart and throat chakra and the channel that connects them, bringing a deep sense of peace and love to your communication. 

Mentally Chrysocolla & Malachite helps you keep a clear head during times of stress and turmoil. It help overcome negative thoughts about oneself and helps bring more patience and tolerance into your life.  Chrysocolla & Malachite encourages confidence, self-esteem and self-expression.

Emotionally Chrysocolla & Malachite brings deep emotional healing it opens the heart and helps with the release of trauma that may have been locked deep inside. It will assist and comfort you when you are making changes in your life taking away the fear of stepping forward and helping you to see change is necessary in life. Chrysocolla & Malachite is a very peaceful combination and is soothing and calming to the emotions in times of stress.

Physically Chrysocolla & Malachite may assist in the treatment of asthma and lung problems, and is also believed to help with arthritis, swollen joints, broken bones and muscle problems. It is believed to enhance the immune system and easing of throat infections, and assist with the treatment of tumors, growths and heart issues.

Will need cleaning often as it absorbs negative energy.

Please wash after touching this crystal.

Please Remember , although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people's lives they are never a substitute for medical advice. if you have concerns about your physical or mental health then you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional.