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Chrysocolla - Pendulum

Chrysocolla - Pendulum

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Pendulums are an incredible divination tool, used for dowsing. You can program Pendulums to answer your direct yes or no questions, or use them over a map to help you locate things. Pendulums have been used for centuries to help a variety of things, from finding water to locating unexploded mines in WWII. They also were used for medical dowsing called Rediesthesia, which means to diagnose disease and select remedies.

Chrysocolla can be used to heal a broken heart and increase the capacity to love. It improves communication but help you to discern when to keep silent. It cools a hot head and reduces mental tensions. It promotes truth telling and impartiality.

Emotionally Chrysocolla alleviates guilt and brings in joy. Its soothing energy dispels highly charge emotional situations, angry words or fear filled sarcasm, to allow ones truth to be shared with wisdom and true communication. It helps you accept situations invoking great inner strength, it is beneficial to relationships that have become rocky, stabilizing and healing at home and personal interaction.

Chrysocolla opens bottled emotions that block the mind from thinking clearly and stimulates balance and wholeness it also helps men show there vulnerable feelings and recovery from violence by partners if either sex. Chrysocolla is a stone that helps connect you to your inspiration and motivation by giving you confidence it draws out talents and stimulates creativity.

Chrysocolla calms, cleanses, and reenergizes all the chakras and aligns them with the divine. It opens psychic vision and aligns your consciousness with the divine. A great stone to use when doing shamanic journey work or engaging in deep meditation practices.

Chrysocolla treats arthritis, bone disease, muscle spasm, the digestive tract, ulcers, blood disorders, and lung problems. It detoxifies the liver, kidneys, and intestines. It regenerated the pancreas, regulates insulin, and balances blood. A great stone for strengthening muscles and alleviates muscle cramps. It heals infections in the throat and tonsils, lowers blood pressure, and soothes burns. Chrysocolla strengths the thyroid and benefits the metabolism. A great stone for PMS and menstralcramps.