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Ra Energy Aura Soap 100g

Ra Energy Aura Soap 100g

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Cleanse your physical and metaphysical body with our Ra Energy Aura Soap

Energize yourself and bring in abundance with our Ra Energy Goats Milk Soaps!

Infused with detoxing, uplifting, and calming orange, grapefruit, and lemon essential oils - together they create an antidepressant affect and can help you to overcome fears and blockages, helping to eliminate colds and flus, relieving cramps and bowel issues, as well as destressing you.

Yellow Clay is considered to be a powerful cleanser which draws out impurities from the skin, ideal for sensitive and dry skin, removing dead skin cells while tighting and toning, leaving the skin feeling smooth, fresh, and radiant.

Goats Milk is know to reduce skin inflammation, and soothes dry and damaged skin. Can reduce wrinkles and delay sings of aging.

Our bath Soaps are hand made with love, intention, reiki, crystal energy, and tiebtan singing bowl vibration.