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Ruby In Fuschite Pendant

Ruby In Fuschite Pendant

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Ruby With Fuchsite is a combination of natural ruby and light medium green Fuchsite. It helps clear any blockage in the heart chakra and fills the void with supportive and loving energies. The vibrations of this stone will also strengthen the love and friendships in your life.

Ruby in Fuchsite will promote objectivity and inspire you to accept differing points of opinions with ease and grace. The combination of infuses harmony and balance, it soothes suffering, distress and calms the mind. Believed to instil happiness, honesty, courage, passion and it alleviates worry and removes negativity.

To own ruby in Fuschite is to have is to have satisfaction, peace and inspiration in your life. it is a powerful talisman of opulence and abundance, it will help you shift your energies into more positive channels and release anything that's preventing you from being successful and prosperous. 

Ruby in Fuschite is beneficial in activating and enhancing psychic awareness, awakening your latent psychic abilities by unlocking your heart chakra and receiving information from the third eye chakra. It will enhance your connection to the spiritual realms allowing you to gain more wisdom and knowledge, assisting you to attract love and abundance. This stone will help you maintain an awareness of your own individuality while also connecting with humanity.

Ruby in Fuschite promotes physical strength and vitality, it also provides relief and recovery from chronic illness, it strengthens the heart and improves the blood circulation. The healing energies can help in the treatment of wounds, ulcers and fevers. Can be beneficial in treating Carpal tunnel syndrome and health issues affecting the bones, brain and urinary tract. It can detoxify and purify the body and boost the immune system and can also help with issues in infertility and early menopause. Ruby in Fuschite can also address issues with sleep