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SpiritualiTea - Angel Breakfast

SpiritualiTea - Angel Breakfast

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This traditional style Breakfast blend contains 12 Organic Black Teas from 12 Tea Farmers in Boseong, South Korea.  This unique blend is bursting with flavour whilst being quite light on colour.  Delicious without anything added so you can enjoy all the malt and honey notes although milk can be added if you like.    

Bringing nature's treasures to your teacup, we infuse each tea with healing energy and intent, to give you a vibrant energy filled cup of tea.  

 Connecting with Your Angels

  • This tea is filled with intent to assist you in connecting with your Angels.

  • We all have access to our Angels.  They are waiting to help you, all you need to do is ask. 

  • How you do so is up to you; write a letter, make a list, in meditation, or talk to them.  There is no right or wrong way.  You can ask Angels for assistance with the little things or the big things in life.

  • Remember to give thanks as you watch the magic unfold.


A Breakfast style blend of single origin Organic Black Teas from 12 Tea Farms in Boseong, South Korea