Different ways to cleanse your crystals

The energies crystals can give us can be extremely beneficial, however it is important to make sure we give back to our crystals. Cleansing and charging your crystals is an important step to making sure your crystals are releasing the strongest energies possible.

Here are a list of different ways you can cleanse and charge your crystals:

Under the Moonlight (if possible, a full moon!). Place your crystals under the enchanting moonlight, some crystals you can place directly on the ground, and some will need to be sheltered from the weather. The gentle rays of the moonlight will cleanse any stuck or negative energy that the crystal may have absorbed, and it will also rejuvenate the crystal back to its purest form. If you cannot place your crystals outside on the earth (since earth grounds the energies), place them inside on a window ledge that is in full view of the moon. 

Running under water. Some crystals can be cleansed by water, a river stream or even ocean water will wash away negative energy that has been absorbed by your crystals. If you are unable to get to a river or the ocean, tap water can also work. However, not all crystals like water. This can be damaging to some, so make sure to research which crystals are able to be rinsed away by our purifying waters. 

Smudging. Smudging can range from a sage stick, an incense stick or various herbs and Resin. What is most important with smudging is about the intention you are setting. Gently hold the crystal above the smoke, and sit and meditate with the crystal while holding it and allow the crystal to release any negative energies it has absorbed or is holding onto. When finished smudging, place the crystal in your left hand with your right hand above it, and imagine a beautiful white light recharging it. The crystal will then be ready to use again. 

Singing Bowls and Music Vibrations. Place crystal inside the singing bowl, and gently play the music bowls til the vibration hums the right frequency. You will know when you start to hear the bowl sing, that the crystal is cleansed.

Rock Salt. Place the crystal in the center of a plate, the create a circle of salt around the crystal (making sure no salt is touching the crystal), then leave it overnight. This will absorb any negative energy. The next morning take the crystal to your hands and charge the a bright white light. discard the remaining salt and make sure to not reuse as it will be full of negative energy.

Crystals. A piece of carnelian placed next to or in a bag with other crystals will cleanse and recharge any surrounding crystals. Carnelian absorbs, transmutes and purifies any negative energies, replacing it with positive energy. Selenite, will also charge and cleanse crystals. The high vibration of selenite will release negative energy and replace it with a bright white light.

Clusters. Place crystal on top of a cluster or inside a geode and leave until you feel the crystal is harmonious again. Clusters and geodes have a high vibration and can transmute lower vibrations easily. 

A quick easy way to cleanse your crystals is to hold the crystal in your hand and imagine white light flowing into it.

These are some of our favourite ways to cleanse and recharge our crystals here at Mel'z Place.

Love from the team at Mel'z Place x