Please note I'm at Hampton on Fridays Only.

I'm at Mernda on Wednesdays and Saturdays


Psychic Readings

An in depth look at your past, present and future. Offering clarity and guidance regarding life circumstances and events.

45 Minutes • $90

60 Minutes • $110

90 Minutes • $160


Reiki/Spiritual Healings

Reiki helps relieve stress, and promotes wellness. It allows energy in the human body to flow, moving stagnant energy; leaving you in a peaceful state of being. Spiritual Healings consist of music vibration, chakra balancing, aura cleansing and crystals to assist in cleansing the soul.

60 Minutes • $110


Holistic Counselling

Working with mind, body, and spirit, holistic counselling is about you. Working with the inner child, repeating patterns, and reflections. Allowing you to find peace in things that are still affecting you.

90 Minutes • $110


Spiritual Counselling

Working with spirit, through past life regression, healings, meditation, counselling can help release and let go of things that have been holding you back.

90 Minutes • $110


Past Life Regression

Be gently guided into a past life through meditation, to help you pinpoint the source of current day problems, allowing you the ability to heal from them.

Duration varies • $110


Chakra Balancing/Aura Cleansing

Feeling unbalanced, tired, and emotional? Have your chakras balanced with the assistance of music bowls, pendulums, crystals and colour.

Duration varies • $110


Guided Meditation

A guided meditation to help you work through blockages, old patterns, inner child, and helping you to set goals.

Duration varies • $110