Magickal Timings

When performing magickal workings, the time of the week and the planetary influences can help strengthen the intentions of your spell. Certain days work better with some spells than others, due to the planetary rulers of the seven days of the week.

Planetary magick dates back to Babylonian astrology, at which time the Sun and the Moon were believed to be planets, hence why they still fall under the 'planetary' magick system. Here's a quick reference guide to help you with your magickal workings, and when the best time to perform such rituals are: 

Monday - The Moon

On mondays, it is recommend to work with the colours silver, white, and grey, those similar to the Moon. Incorporate these colours either through the candles you use, the garments you wear, or your altar cloth. Mondays are ideal for magickal workings to do with dreams, emotions, clairvoyancy, home life, family, cooking, merchandising, and theft. Herbs ideal for use on Mondays are moonwart, myrrh, willow, sandalwood and lemon balm. Anointing candles with camphor, jasmine, and lemon oil are also beneficial for spellwork on Mondays.

Tuesday - Mars 

Mars' fiery energy is ideal for use on spells for dynamic energy, matrimony, cutting ties with enemies, hunting, surgery, courage, politics, and contests. You may also want to utilize Mars' energy to activate protective talismans, reverse hexes, and cultivate personal strength. The colours of red and orange are associated with Tuesday, and pine essential oil. Use herbs such as, basil, coriander, ginger, peppermint, and tobacco in spells to assist with bringing in Mars energy.

Wednesday - Mercury

Mercury is the ruler of communication, making Wednesday a perfect day for all spells involving communication, teaching, reason, divination, and skill. Also ideal for spells for self-development, debt, fear, and loss. Our corresponding colours are yellow, grey, and violet. Ideal herbs are lavender, bergamot, dill, fennel, and thyme. Using lemongrass, lemon, verbena, or spearmint essential oils will also assist in amplifying Mercury's powerful energy.

Thursday - Jupiter

Thursday is the day to perform spells for health, honour, luck, riches, clothing, money, legal matters, and desires. The colours blue and purple, alongside clove and honeysuckle essentials oils, all align with Jupiter's energy. Use anis, cinquefoil, nutmeg, oak, moss, and sage herbs to enhance your magickal workings.

Friday - Venus

Venus, full of love, romance and feminine energy. Call down on Venus' energy by doing your love spells on a Friday. Of course the colours of the heart, pink and green, or aqua if you choose, are all ideal colours to incorporate whilst working with Venus' energy. Ideal herbs include, apple blossom, myrtle, orrisroot, tansy, thyme, and violet. Ideal oils are, geranium, rose, spearmint and ylang ylang. Venus is also an influencer of friendships, social activities, pleasure, art, and music, making her energy ideal for use in spells of these sorts.

Saturday - Saturn

Saturn's influence is on self discipline, life, building, protection, freedom, the elderly, and destroying disease and pests. Work with the colours black and indigo, and the essential oils cypress and patchouli when performing magickal workings of these kinds to assist with bringing in Saturn's energy. The herbs amaranth, comfrey, mimosa, mullein, and pansy are all also aligned with the energy of Saturn.

Sunday - The Sun

And last, but certainly not least, we have the incredible healing energy of the sun. Sundays are ideal for spells to deal with individuality, hope, fortune, money, work, power, healing, promotions, strength, and spirituality. The sunny colours of yellow, orange, and gold are recommended to be used, especially in conjunction with the herbs carnation, copal, frankincense, juniper, St. johns wort, and wood aloe. Also, the essential oils bay, cinnamon, orange, rosemary, and tangerine all hold that powerful sun energy.

There are many other amazing combinations, but these are an ideal starting point. Along your path you may find others that work better for you and your intentions - as you progress you will be introduced to a variety of other elements. If something feels right for you, then use it in your magickal workings, as you will always be guided to what you need most.

Blessed be x