Fire Agate - Tumbled

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Fire Agate - Tumbled

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Fire Agate

Chakras:  Root

Elements: Fire

Zodiac: Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Leo

Metaphysical Properties:





Spiritually Fire Agateis a beautiful stone with a deep connection to the earth, abundant with calming energies. Fire Agate connects with the root chakra, bringing a sense of security and safety. It's strong grounding energy brings strength during difficult times. Offering a protective barrier, Fire Agate wards against ill-wishing, returning harm back to its source, so that source understands the harm its doing.
As it fires up the base chakra, it increases vitality, and sexual endeavors, dispels fears, encourages introspection, eliminates destructive cravings and us useful in treating addictions. Fire Agate aids relaxation and meditation, instilling spiritual fortitude.

Mentally Fire Agate helps us think for ourselves and not allow the opinions of others to negatively influence us. Fire Agate give us the mental stamina to stay the course and do what needs to be done. It encourages us to follow our dreams and to believe that we can achieve them. Fire Agate is the perfect stone for someone who is feeling sluggish or trapped in their current life or routine. It helps us be more intune with our creative side and will stimulate your imagination.

Emotionally Fire Agate inspires great courage with in us and urges us to follow our bliss and leave behind the humdrum of routine.  The energy of fire agate aids in building a strong and healthy emotional connection to those around you. It may help attract new lovers, or ignite passion in existing relationships. It's warm, burning properties inspires deep passion,  strong security and boundless self confidence. It helps release all forms of negativity and bitterness within the heart.

Physically Fire Agate heals the stomach, nervous system, and circulatory disorders. Aids the eyes, strengthens night vision, reduces hot flashes, removing heat from the body, prevents energy burn outs. Can gently bring back a blown chakra, clears esthetic blockages and energizes the aura. Fire Agate assist with sexual dysfunctions and has been called the stone of eternal youth and is said to bring vitality to the entire body.

Please note: crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace medical treatment. Always consult a physician for proper medical treatment.

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