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Obsidian Apache Tear - Raw - Mel'z Place

Obsidian Apache Tear - Raw

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Apache Tear, this beautiful pebbled Crystal is a form of obsidian. Apache tear is an ideal crystal to heal grief, offer protection, and grounding. Apache tear is so named because it is believed to shed tears in times of sorrow. This Crystal gives you the raised ability to sense any fore coming risk and help you to take appropriate action. Apache tear absorbs negative energy and helps bring a sense of serenity and hope. An Apache tear will remove self-limitations and increase spontaneity.

 A powerful stone to use for psychic protection and is beneficial if you are a healer, as they will aid your work by insuring that you are kept safe. . As these crystals absorb so much negativity, they will need to be regularly cleansed. This crystal is also ideal to use if you suffer from migraines, anxiety, or depression, as it will help relieve those symptoms.  The energy of these stones will strengthen the blood and immune system and they will help the body to assimilate vitamin C and Vitamin D. They assist with the reduction of toxins in the body by aiding their removal. They may calm muscle spasms and enhance vitality and strength within the body. It is associated with the root chakra.

We have a variety of small, medium, and large apache tears in stock.