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Awakening - Yogi Brahmasmhara

Awakening - Yogi Brahmasmhara

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If you have always thought you would like to 'try' meditation but were unsure how to start, then Awakening is a must-read for you.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced meditator, Yogi Brahmasamhara (Brahm) guides you through a wealth of exercises
step by gentle step from the very first 'toe in the water' to as far as you want to go. The book is practical, easy to read and comprehensive. It is written in a warm, gentle and encouraging manner, the author weaving humorous stories about his Masters through the text as well as an array of experiences from his own fascinating life.

Awakening is a book of wisdom - wisdom in its understanding of human nature, wisdom in its answers to the unhappiness in modern
life and wisdom in the way the author communicates so personally with the reader.

Brahm has practiced Authentic Meditation for more than 40 years, the last decade as a Zen monk and teacher. As a young man, he initially studied theology but, during that time, he met a student of the great Sri Aurobindo, Misra Bashayandeh, a yogi who introduced him to meditation.
Practicing with him for five years shifted Brahm away from 'formal' religion to a lifelong dedication to meditation. Later, it was his Japanese Zen Master, Suni Kaisan who, after a further three years of training,
sent him into the world 'to experience and understand life' to prepare him for teaching.
He did just that, immersing in 'careers' ranging from the academic to business worlds. In the late '90s, he began teaching Authentic Meditation and today, his Meditation Sanctuaries in Sydney, Australia, attract hundreds of students each year.