Azurite with Malachite - Ring
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Chakras: Third Eye

Elements: Water

Zodiac: Aquarius/Sagittarius 

Metaphysical Properties:

Raises Consciousness 

Helps let go of belief systems 

Transmutes fears and phobias 

Spiritually Azurite guides psychic and intuitive development. It urges the soul toward enlightenment. It cleanses and stimulates the third eye and attunes to spiritual guidance. This crystal enables journeys out of the body to take place easily and safely. It raises consciousness to a higher level and gives greater control over spiritual unfoldment.
It facilitates entering a meditative and channeling state. Azurite is a powerful healing stone, facilitating psychosomatic understanding of the effect of the mind and emotions on the body

Mentally, Azurite brings about clear understanding and new perspectives, and expands the mind. It releases long-standing blocks in communication and stimulates memory. Azurite challenges your view of reality and lets go of programmed belief systems to move into the unknown without fear, reaching deeper insights and a new reality.
Old beliefs gently rise into the conscious mind to be tested against truth.

Emotionally, Azurite clears stress, worry, grief, and sadness allowing more light into the emotions. It transmutes fear and phobias, and brings in understanding of why they occurred in the first place.
It calms someone who talks too much out of nervousness, or encourages someone who holds back from self-expression.

Psychically Azurite treats throat problems,arthritis and joint problems, aligns the spine, and works at a cellular level to restore any blockage or damage to the brain. It heals kidney, gallbladder, and liver problems, and treats the spleen, thyroid, bones, teeth, and skin and aids detoxification.
It encourages the development of the embryo in the womb. Azurite has a special resonance with the mind and mental processes, mental healing, and stress relief. It can energize and realign the subtle bodies with the physical, clearing the chakras.

Please Remember , although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people's lives they are never a substitute for medical advice. if you have concerns about your physical or mental health then you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional.

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