Blue Calcite Tower

Blue Calcite Tower

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Blue Calcite - Tower

A Tower can be 6 or 8 sided with a flat base, they can be cut and polished into this shape or they can be made from a natural crystal point with the bottom cut flat so they can stand.  Towers represent protection, strength and power. The shape of a crystal tower naturally clears the space around it and wards off negative energy. The energy of a tower is directed upward and out. Where ever they are placed they emit a very focused and directional energy that affects the area around it. They are very powerful tools for manifestation as they help manifest our intentions. Towers are great to use in crystal grids as can amplify the energies of other crystals and focus them to have faster results.


H 17.5cm x W 5.5cm 

Chakras: Throat/Third Eye

Elements: Air

Zodiac: Cancer/Pieces 

Metaphysical Properties:


Soothes Nerves

Decision Making 

Blue Calcite is known as the stone of emotional intelligence.

Spiritually Blue Calcite helps heal and clear the throat chakra and it allows clear communication to flow, especially for people that suppress the opinions and emotions.

Blue Calcite can absorb energy, filter it and return it to benefit the sender.

Blue Calcite is a stone of communication and help you develop your psychic abilities, telepathy and inner visions.

Blue Calcite can help you remember your dreams when you sleep, and remembering astral travel and channeling experiences.

Mentally Blue Calcite is an excellent stone for students. It helps retain lessons learned and amplifies learning. Blue Calcite is an enhancer of decision-making, It brings  quality to life through its ability to help you see more clearly what path will lead you to happiness. 

Emotionally Blue Calcite is a gentle stone for recuperation and relaxation, it gently soothes the nerves and lifts anxieties, it releases negative emotions. 

Physically Blue Calcite lowers blood pressure and dissolves pain on all levels. Helps heal the throat, lungs, tonsillitis, thyroid, arthritis and joints.

Please Remember, although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people's lives they are never a substitute for medical advice. if you have concerns about your physical or mental health then you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional.

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