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Celestite - Cluster
Celestite - Cluster
Celestite - Cluster

Celestite - Cluster

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Celestite - 98g

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye & Throat

Elements: Air & Water

Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Cancer, Aries

Metaphysical Properties:


High Vibrational 

Feeling Safe


Spiritually Celestite is the stone of Heavenly Communication and connects you to the angelic realm, it will help you connect you to your spirit guides and guardian angels. It is a high vibrational crystal and will encourage you to discover spiritual enlightenment. Celestite is useful for stimulating clairvoyant communication, clairaudience abilities and dream recall, out of body journeys, it brings peace to a fractured aura and brings a sense of belonging to lonely souls. It will activate and open the throat, third eye and crown chakras, it will clear the auric field and attachments of all kinds.

Mentally celestite will calm a chaotic mind and dispense worries, promoting mental clarity and helps stop the mental chatter. Keep celestite on your desk to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Celestite promotes purity of heart and attracts good fortune and helps you manifest abundance. It is a creative stone especially useful for the arts, musicians and designers.

Emotionally celestite brings in deep peace, with its calming effect celestite can cool fiery emotions. It brings in balance and alignment, hope and optimism and it is wonderful for healing sadness, grief or despair. Celestite is great in conflict resolution and in maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in time of stress. An excellent stone for releasing high anxiety, panic attacks, dispelling worries and fears, suspicions or paranoia and help one to feel safe and protected. Great to carry to alleviate fears of travel, large crowds speaking or eating in public.

Physically Celestite may dissolve pain and brings love to you, it is believed to be useful in treating disorders of the eye, ears and throat. It eliminates toxins and brings in cellular order. Its soothing energy relaxes muscle tension and calms mental torment, it aids the digestive disorder caused by stress balancing appetite and encouraging weight loss. Celestite may also assist in clearing infections, reducing fever, mouth ulcers, laryngitis, tonsillitis, dry mouth and tooth decay.

Please Remember , although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people's lives they are never a substitute for medical advice. if you have concerns about your physical or mental health then you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional.