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Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon Bark

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Cinnamon 100% pure Essential Oil

Protection, Love, Lust, Divination, Connection to the spirit realm, Money, Strength, Luck

Scientific name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark oil

Element: Fire

Planets: Sun and Mars

Chakras: Root

Gender: Masculine

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka 

Add Cinnamon to your spell jars and amulets as a powerful strengthened of any magickal intention.

Anoint candles in honour of your ancestors and deities, or sprinkle on statues of gods and goddesses as an offering.

Anoint your wallet or purse to attract money to you. 

Great additive to dried or simmering potpourri  to cleanse, invigorate and promote love in your home.

 Add to Door and floor washes to bring about abundant blessings.

Cinnamon essential oil is very strong and should be added to a carrier oil before being placed on the skin.

  • Use in an essential oil diffuser
  • Applying a drop to your hands and inhaling
  • Apply a few drops with carrier oil to targeted areas and Massage in
  • Add to body wash before adding to a bath
  • Add to lotions or moisturisers 
  • Please check if it is skin safe Before use.

Not to be taken Internally, For External use only.     

Sold as curios only.

If you are pregnant,nursing or have small children please see your doctor before burning magical powders, herbs, roots, barks and essential oil as some can by toxic to children and pets.

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