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Jasper Snakeskin  Green - Tumbled - Mel'z Place

Jasper Snakeskin Green - Tumbled

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Green snakeskin Jasper is a protective and calming crystal. It guards against negative energy, including negative outlooks of other people.  It is an earth stone, and may guard /protect you against those envious of your achievements, an ideal stone to shield against psychic attacks. Protects against harmful Temptations.  It is a great Crystal to use when smudging, as it boosts the cleansing of an environment.  Meditate on this Crystal if you wish to recall a dream, as it will help offer insight.  It can help you to move more gracefully.

Like its animal counterpart, allows you to rid yourself of old patterns and habits and embrace change, especially if you may be resistant to it.  An anti-anxiety stones, it can assist with all types of worry and conflict.  Use Jasper if you need to improve your organisational skills, or if you need to transform ideas into action, as it provides determination to see tasks through to completion.  Stone of courage and  tranquillity, to help you deal with stressful problems effectively and assertively. 

Jasper is great for aligning and balancing the mental, physical, and emotional bodies of the Aura.  It is also a grounding Stone, and ideal to use in astral travel.  Supports the circulatory and digestive systems, aids sexual organs, and offers support during prolonged illness and aids recovery and repair.