Jasper Dalmatian (Tumbled)

Jasper Dalmatian (Tumbled)

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Jasper dalmation is an incredible spiritually grounding stone. It has the ability to create childlike joy and enjoyment. Jasper Dalmations little black dots are made from Black tourmaline, which helps it create a protective energy for the wearer.

This stone has the ability to help you break down any barriers that are blocking you from moving forward. Allows you to discover your true purpose.

Dalmation Jasper helps to release any lack of trust you may feel towards others who have done you wrong, inevitably relieving the need you may feel for revenge. It helps create happiness and joy for the wearer, as it has a very uplifting and playful energy.

Assists healing sprains and cartilage problems, especially for athletes. Is ideal for people who suffer from nightmares or have sleeping problems. 

Is a calming stone of good luck, which can also help you calm down any animals.