Larvikaite - Heart 40mm
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Larvikaite Heart

Heart shape crystals are a beautiful reminder that you are surrounded by love, and that you are a divine being of love. They help us work on receiving and accepting love from others and also love of self. Placing on your heart charka they will help heal, open and clear blockages that are stopping you from accepting and receiving love. They will help you create a better sense of self and that you are worthy of greatness.


Chakras: Root

Elements: Water

Zodiac: Aquarius, Cancer

Metaphysical Properties:


Accept Change

Relieves Negative Thoughts 

Spiritually Larvikaite is a grounding stone, it will help you connect to the earth's energies and to the spirits of nature, it has a deep connection with the water element and is very powerful during rainstorms. Larvikaite helps you accept and adapt to change, It is a great stone of inner transformation and assist us in overcoming our own limiting beliefs that we have imposed on ourselves.

Larvikaite will help you develop and learn and assist will opening up your intuitive and magical abilities. It assists with meditation and sharpens our inner visions, and helps us understand the visions we are receiving.

Larvikaite will dispel negative energies that try to enter your auric field, it surrounds you in a strong protective energy. It cleanses and clears the auric layers of negative energy and replaces it with positive light. 

Larvikaite is a great stone to have whilst astral-traveling and it will protect and ground us back into out bodies, and it helps develop lucid dreaming and to help you remember and understand your dreams.

Mentally Larvikaite will expand your knowledge and enhance your wisdom,  It helps you contrate and allows you to focus even in a noisy environment. Larvikaite helps the brain take in new information more easily. Larvikaite helps relieve negative thoughts helping you to focus on the positive aspects of life, it helps you make rational decisions rather than acting rashly.

Larvikaite is great for students as it helps absorb information quickly and it aids in memory recall.

Emotionally Larvikaite will help you to be able to live each moment without the burden of stress, while also dispelling any negative emotions that may build up throughout the day.

Larvikaite helps you know another person’s intentions so you can guard against negative and manipulative people entering your life.

Physically Larvikaite can be used to treat skin disorders and enhances vitality and youthfulness. Excellent stone for those of us with nervous system disorders, or those of us who have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury.  It cleanses and purifies body tissue, harmonizes the metabolism, helps with muscular detoxification and reduces blood pressure.

Please Remember, although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people's lives they are never a substitute for medical advice. If you have concerns about your physical or mental health then you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional.










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