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Obsidian Strawberry -Tumbled

Obsidian Strawberry -Tumbled

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Strawberry Obsidian speaks to the secret desires and secret delights of out hearts. this a great stone for raising you positive power and opening your heart and mind to new experiences. it works with our youthful energies to help give us the motivation to pursue the thing which make us happy. Strawberry Obsidian is a stone for joy, love and wanting the best for ourselves.  it is a great stone to help face your own fears and to challenge your anxiety so that you can see that it was not needed.

Not only does this deliciously coloured stone hold the strong, protecting energy of normal black obsidian, it also is an excellent choice for those who lack confidence.
It stimulates the root and heart chakras and helps one face their true self with honesty, compassion, and love. And is especially helpful for people in abusive situations, as it will give them the confidence to stand up for themselves and end the situation once and for all. strawberry Obsidian helps balances the male and female energies.