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Opal white - Tumbled

Opal white - Tumbled

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Opal is a delicate stone with a high vibration,  it enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. It aids in accessing and expressing one true self. Opal a protective stone and makes you unnoticeable or invisible. It is a karmic stone teaching you that what you put out comes back, it offers filtration of ones vitality field, detoxify and re balancing the chakras.

White Opal helps people who bottle up their feelings to be more expressive and helps release stress inside their mind. This stone is believed to have scared energy of the water element inside helping to calm the ups and downs of your feeling balancing your emotions. it helps heal disordered energy and improves unstable luck flow, bringing in good luck or chance and supports the owner to make their dreams and wishes to come true. Helping you to create a bright future.

Because it is connected to the water element it is a great stone to have with you if traveling over water, also good for those people who work is connected to water.

White opal increases the energy of love, and will moisten a heart that has dry up because of lack of love. It is great stone to heal anxiety and the feelings of  loneliness. it has the power to help communicate flow like water especially for those people who find it hard to communicate their feeling of love. Very powerful stone to have to increase your chances of love. 

Opal strengthens the will to live, purifying the blood and kidneys and strengthens the bladder. it treats Parkinson's disease, infections and fevers. helps eases childbirth and regulates insulin. it beneficial to the eyes and strengthens memory.