Spell / Wish Candle White
Spell / Wish Candle White
Spell / Wish Candle White

Spell / Wish Candle White

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White spell / Wish Candles 12mm w x 100 h

Chakra: Crown

Magickal Workings: use when you want to work with the following

Purity, Truth, Peace, Harmony, Connecting to Spirit, Angelic Consciousness.

White is also great to send light to someone, crave there name onto the candle and when you light the candle imagine the person , say there name outloud and say as I light this candle i surround you in light may it lift your vibration and help you find the peace in your soul. So mote be it.

White candles can be used as a replacement of a coloured candle by adding the colour around the white candle. 

Allow the candle to burn out, you can add crystals or a picture of them near the candle remember to trust you intuition.

Be creative with your spells and all ways come from a place of love.

Candle magick is 1 of the easiest ways of doing spells.

Candles give light to spell and are using the element of fire and air.

You can anniot the candle with oils that have been blessed or charge to enhance the energies of the spell.

Another way is to crave a symbol or name into the candle and allow the candle to burn all the way.

A good idea is to never blow the candle out unless the spell calls for you to do it.

Remember spells are about intention so be clear of your intention before attempting a spell.